Bento accessories

When I was shopping for bento boxes, I also ordered a few accessories for making food cute: vegetable cutters and shaped rice ball molds.  (No nori punch yet, but I thought about it.)  As soon as they arrived, I was anxious to try both.

I pulled a crookneck squash from the garden for the soup, and it was so bumpy that the slices already looked like little flowers.  No more cuteness needed.

Riceballs it is then!  That upper right one is a teddy bear face.  Might need the nori punch after all.

Because my rice cooker doesn’t do as well making a smaller amount of rice, the next day we had three cups of day-old rice left over.  Fried rice time!

Plenty there for dinner, and the next day’s bentos.  Before serving dinner, I packed part of what I’d cooked into the bentos, which left less to prepare the next morning.

Top tier: raspberry pork chops with fried rice

Bottom tier: mixed fruit, carrots and nuts

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