Pretty bento!

Happy Sunday!  No real plans for the day, so I did some food shopping and cooking.  For dinner, I made cottage pie (like shepherd’s pie, but with beef instead of lamb) because mashed potatoes sounded awesome:

I also worked on my presentation a bit, chopping up and layering some fruit.  I’m calling this construction “fruit-a-touille” because it’s very similar to a layered ratatouille I make (similar to the one in the film).  This one has strawberries and bananas; I wanted to layer some kiwi slices in there too, but the kiwis I got aren’t ripe yet.

I got fresh bananas today with the hope that they’d last through the day in the bento, so made banana bread out of the softer ones I already had.  Also, I’m having bad luck keeping strawberries around (they seem to mold pretty instantly) so after chopping up a few, I cooked down the rest into a compote, which seems to last much longer.  Also, it’s delicious on banana bread.

Top tier: cottage pie

Bottom tier: strawberry and banana fruit-a-touille, carrots, mixed nuts, banana bread with strawberry compote

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